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    Repair Estimate Report (RER)

    Once your home inspection is completed, the inspection report will give you a fair idea of what needs to be repaired and how.

    To keep our clients well informed about the costs involved in making such repairs, we provide them with an option to obtain a Repair Estimate Report (RER).

    This report comes at a price of $80 and includes cost estimates for the repair needs and potential issues identified during your home inspection. It will provide you with the information that you will need to negotiate with the seller for the most expensive repairs.

    You can go forward swiftly and confidently with a guide that immediately shows you how much repairs and renovations should cost.

    How it works:

    • Based on your inspection report summary, the experts at Porch will send you an itemized list of quotes to review.
    • It’s easier than ever to create a repair request addendum once you’ve received the estimates.
    • Using our Repair Estimate Report, you can save time and money while negotiating.

    RER Delivery

    The report is delivered within 36-48 hours, and if you need it earlier, you can opt for a rush delivery that will ensure the report is delivered to you within 24-hours. The rush delivery comes at an extra fee of $40.

    RER features:

    • It is easy to understand so that you can efficiently deal with contractors and sellers and discuss repair costs.
    • It is itemized with the inspection report, allowing you to simply link the cost of repairs to the inspector’s recommendations.
    • Using the numbers provided, real estate agents can create a repair request addendum document to accelerate the buying process.

    RER for Homebuyers

    The Repair Estimate Report is valuable to homebuyers because it relieves tension during the post-inspection project and gives precise cost estimates for the home they are buying.

    RER for Agents

    For agents, the Repair Estimate Report is valuable since it offers them more power and efficiency during the post-inspection negotiating process. A realtor must spend hours after each inspection gathering prices for the fixes noted in the home inspection report. Agents can save time and energy during this process by using the Repair Estimate Report.


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