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    Swimming Pool Inspection

    Swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs are among the most popular improvements to any property and can provide relaxation during the winter months and fun in the long Texas summers. B&J Inspections has been providing our customers thorough inspections of every component in swimming pool systems, from filters, pumps, heaters, coolers, and more for over three decades. A professional inspection gives home buyers and homeowners a complete picture of their swimming pool, spa, or hot tub’s condition and mechanical operation. Additionally, our inspections include safety checks for potentially hazardous elements, including tile, electrical systems, fencing, and latches to ensure compliance with city, state, and federal statutes. Whether vinyl-lined, plastered or tiled, B&J Inspections will examine every inch of your pool, spa, or hot tub to ensure smooth operation or develop a scope for necessary repairs or improvements.

    Our Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Inspections include:

    • Safety features including city, state, and federal regulations
    • Electrical systems including filters, lighting, and pumps
    • Interior surfaces including vinyl coverings, plaster, and tile
    • Surrounding features from decking to tile, or pea gravel
    • Saltwater pool inspections available
    • Pool pumps
    • Pool Filters
    • Heating and Cooling systems
    • Diving boards, slides, and other accessories
    • Fountains and other aquatic features
    • Automated, remote-controlled, and smart technologies

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