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    Roof Inspection

    The roof of a home or commercial building is subject to the harshest elements, especially in Texas. During the heat and hurricane season, roofs tend to get damaged, and an inch-by-inch inspection is critical to determine if the property in question require any costly repairs. For more than three decades, B&J Inspections has delivered honest, transparent, and comprehensive roof inspections that give potential buyers an accurate picture of the roof’s condition. We walk every square inch when possible and provide a detailed report that will give you complete confidence. Hail, rain, and other harsh outdoor elements can damage roofs, and as the first line of defense, roofs are one of the most critical components of any property.

    Our Roof Inspections Include:

    • Identifying potential or existing leaks
    • Damage caused by strong winds
    • Cracks or missing shingles caused by freezing temperatures
    • Tree, plant, or moss growth which can cause leaks or damage
    • Identifying sagging or other structural damage
    • Inspecting materials, including shingles, flashing, and seals around vents
    • Interior roofing inspection
    • A detailed report indicating necessary repairs or potential deficiencies

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