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    Pre-drywall Inspection

    During the construction process, it’s imperative to have a pre-drywall inspection to ensure that your property is being constructed to meet not only the specifications laid out by your architect but also city and state regulations and pass the necessary inspections to obtain a certificate of occupancy. Pre-drywall refers to the phase of construction immediately following the installation of structural elements, including doors, windows, foundation, flooring, framing, and roof components, as well as plumbing and electrical rough-ins. The benefit of conducting this inspection during construction phases is that once the drywall is hung, many of these elements are obscured and can cause issues in the future. B&J Inspections has been delivering inch-by-inch pre-drywall and phase inspections for the greater Houston area for more than three decades and provides an impartial report during every step of your construction project.

    Pre-Drywall and Phase Inspections include:

    • Foundation and Framing structures
    • Flooring systems including in-floor electrical outlets and vents
    • Roofing comments, beams, awnings, and joists
    • Plumbing systems
    • Electrical components
    • HVAC systems, including air ducts and registers
    • Exterior cladding
    • Monolithic foundations and pier and beam foundations
    • Waterproofing and flashing
    • Wall studs

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