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    Professional Home Inspection in Richmond, TX

    If you’re looking for a house inspection in Richmond, TX or nearby, go no farther than B & J Real Estate Inspection LLC. Buying or selling a house is a significant investment, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes. However, we are here to save your money on expensive repairs. We take great pride in providing the finest value for our customers’ money. We are enthusiastic about home inspections and pay close attention to the smallest details, taking the time to do a comprehensive review. Every inspection is exciting and professional because we find something new every time. To get the most out of your home inspection in Richmond, TX, we strongly recommend you to be present at the time of the inspection and ask as many questions as possible.

    Home & Commercial Inspection Richmond TX

    Recently, we have increased our service area and put Richmond, TX, on the list as well. Now that’s a celebration call for all those clients who wanted this to happen!

    The agreement between you and the potential buyer can earn you lots of profit if you decide to carry a property inspection before going on wi8th the deal, but, if you do the Property inspection through us, before even thinking of selling the property, we offer great discounts as well.

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    We also deal with Inspection of things you guide us too, and it can be customized home inspection.

    Every client receives a thorough inspection report on almost every part of your house (if you own a commercial or real state office, the rule is the same)We will be inspecting the following

    • Electrical System
    • Heating & Cooling Systems
    • Plumbing System
    • Interior (walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, stairs)
    • Fireplace & Chimney
    • Attached Garage
    • Electrical inspection
    • Plumbing inspection
    • Swimming pool inspection
    • Irrigation system

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