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    Published by >> bandjinspections on >> September 14, 2020


    Buying a home is a big deal and ensuring it’s a good investment is equally significant. To assess the condition of a house, you'll need assistance from a home inspector. They don’t only uncover the faults of a house but also offer information on how to maintain the property once it’s yours. However, many people feel the home buying process is lengthy and try to skip steps which results in some costly mishaps.

    The biggest mistakes you can make during the home buying process is not consulting the right professional. Without the guidance of an expert in the real estate business, finding the ideal home for you and your family becomes stressful instead of fun.

    To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make during the inspection and home buying process.

    1. Settling for the cheapest inspection cost. A common mistake people make when looking for a home inspector is focusing solely on the cheap inspection cost. Don’t only look at prices; try to find an inspector who provides a combination of experience, proven expertise, affordable prices, and the best overall value. Conversely, most large inspection companies carry substantial overhead. Typically the money spent on a larger home inspection company goes towards paying the employees (sometimes inexperienced) hired to perform your home inspection (before the company can make any revenue). This equals more money out of your pocket for poor quality service, which equals less value or 'bang' for your hard earned buck.

    2. Not hiring a real estate agent. Another common mistake customers make is not hiring their own real estate agent to assist in the negotiation of repairs and handling of contracts. Sometimes relying on one agent to represent both sides in the negotiating process can put you in a situation that is not advantageous. As a result, it’s difficult to negotiate a better deal when purchasing a home. As awkward as it sounds, there have also been occasions when a buyer is dealing directly with the seller, and after the home, inspection is performed the seller decides to no longer sell the home! Wasting the buyer’s precious time, effort and money on a deal gone wrong. Hiring an experienced realtor and home inspector are critical keys to making the home buying process smooth, easy, and stress-free.

    3. Not following the safety inspector’s instructions. After the home inspection, a common mistake people make is not following some or all of the maintenance and safety recommendations of the home inspector. It may include not caulking windows and tub surrounds, not changing an air filter, failing to service/clean the AC system, not installing GFCI protection to receptacles, or not maintaining the moisture content of the ground around the home during dry seasons or drought. Failing to follow a home inspector’s maintenance and safety recommendations can lead to enormous structural repair expenses in the long run. You can count electrical safety hazards, as well as premature wear on mechanical systems in that list of expenses. A home inspector’s safety and maintenance recommendations are always made to protect your family, and home from elements are physically and financially harmful now or in the future.

    To save yourself from the troubles mistakes like these cause reach out to the experts at B & J Real Estate Inspection. Being a small family owned and operated business, we truly provide customers with the best of both worlds by combining many years of experience in the industry, lower overheads, the best customer service, extremely competitive pricing, and best overall value. Our team performs thorough structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections. We are an independent real estate inspection firm built on fundamental principles of providing quality and reliable inspection service at affordable prices in Sugarland, TX.

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