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    Published by >> bandjinspections on >> September 14, 2020


    Is your future home strong enough to stand the test of time? Even if it is a recently constructed house, a home inspection is your best chance at finding out. A licensed home inspector will examine the present condition of your house and inform you about areas that need repairs. If an inspector is certified, their inspections will be performed as per professional standards of practice.

    While there is a general understanding of the value that home inspection provides, many are still unaware or uncertain about the details involved. With tonnes of misinformation related to inspection cost or work carried out by an inspector doing the rounds, it has become necessary to separate fact from fiction.

    To put some of your doubts to rest, B & J Real Estate Inspection has debunked a few of the most widely believed myths about home inspection.

    Myth 1: A home inspection is not necessary for a newly constructed home.

    This myth exists because number one, the home buyer typically wants to believe that buying a new home is like buying a brand new car, electronic or appliance, and they think “brand new” means perfect condition. And number two, the builder will lead people to believe preconceived notions which will mean less work for them, or sometimes the builder may naively think nothing is wrong with the house and if there is a problem, it can be rectified without the services of a third party home inspector who inspects hundreds of homes per year.

    New homes typically come with a one year warranty, but how is a home buyer expected to find hidden deficiencies to protect their full interest and investment? Additionally, warranties carry a lot of fine print that does not cover many aspects. If you have a home inspector, they would point out faults with the house prior to the final sale, which the builder would be obligated to address or repair before the final walkthrough and closure.

    The bottom line is to get your new home inspected by a trained professional. This is the best way to avoid any potential conflict with the builder after closing.

    Myth 2: A house that has had its foundation repaired is a bad home.

    The foundation is the most important structural component of the home, and we all want to live in a perfect world where no foundation will ever move or settle. However, the fact of the matter is that every foundation will have some settlement or movement throughout its lifetime. If a foundation is deemed necessary for repair either by a structural engineer or by a foundation repair company, it will mean either of the two - the foundation has exceeded its tolerance of movement/deflection, and/or that the foundation is in an unstable condition that can deteriorate over time if not addressed and provided with additional support.

    The fact that a reputable company has repaired the foundation could be considered good. Typically when the foundation has been repaired, most of the time the worst is already over. Aside from the necessary repairs that might arise from repairing the foundation and previous movement (i.e., cracked brick and drywall, and doors that stick). Items should be fixed after a foundation repair is performed and not before. Foundations that are repaired by reputable companies come with lifetime transferable warranties. Of course similar to the New Home warranties stated above, a warranty usually has fine print that mentions the components covered and not covered. But at least the homeowner can have peace of mind knowing that such a warranty backs the foundation repair.

    The bottom line is to ensure the foundation is serving its intended purpose (which is the only thing holding up the structure), and that it has stabilized. If the foundation has had ample time to stabilize following foundation repair work, and other areas of the house affected by the movement are repaired, it is wise to consider a home with foundation repair.

    Myth 3: A home inspector should provide an accurate monetary quote.

    Home inspectors have a general understanding of the functioning of the various components of a house. For them to provide an accurate quote for the repairs, there are many variables to consider. A home inspector will naturally feel obliged to assist his clients in any way that he can, and will sometimes help his client arrive at a “ballpark guesstimation” regarding the cost of all of the repairs. These “guesstimations” are just that, and should not be taken as a be-all-end-all when it comes to negotiating with the seller for repairs.

    Potential homebuyers should pay due diligence and gather as much information as possible from all the necessary tradesman to ensure their “guesstimation” is valid.

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