Phase Inspection

New construction Phase Inspections are conducted throughout the process of developing a new residential or commercial building. For more than three decades, B&J Inspections has been a trusted provider for Three Phase Inspections and even provides “blue tape” walk-throughs for our clients identifying minor blemishes and cosmetic repairs. The complicated nature of new construction and necessary attention to detail can be daunting, and our transparent, inch-by-inch Phase Inspections give you the peace of mind you deserve during your new construction project. From site prep to completion, we conduct comprehensive inspections and detailed reports every step of the way.

Our Three Phase Inspections follow the below timeline;

Phase 1:

  • Land work, grading, leveling, and other site prep
  • Vapor, radon, and other ground-level barriers
  • Surface Prep Inspection
  • Foundation Inspection

Phase 2:

  • Framing and structural components
  • Roofing structures and joists
  • Sill plates, flashing, and foundation plates
  • Insulation, initial drywall installation, and exterior structures
  • Windows and other sealed structures

Phase 3:

  • Paint, Trim, and Cabinetry
  • Flooring and Drywall finishes
  • Blue Tape walkthrough for minor blemishes
  • Grounds, landscaping, and grading
  • Mechanical systems


The experts at B and J Real Estate Inspection LLC will provide the best Construction Phase Inspection services, reviewing each construction stage thoroughly.

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